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Auto Link Replacement is an essential component of building a strong and stable link portfolio. No one wants to lose backlinks, but occassionally it does happen. Sometimes, our Link Monitor will remove a link if it cannot verify that it is valid or the page it is on is not indexed. A publisher may also remove a link for whatever reason.

Obviously, when links are removed, the credits are returned to your account. But, this doesn't help your link portfolio...What if you don't have time to replace the link before the next search engine update? has you covered with our Auto Link Replacement functionality. This Advertiser-requested feature automatically replaces any links that are removed by our Link Monitor or by a Publisher.

Links are Replaced on Comparable Pages

When the Auto Link Replacement is enabled, a lost link will automatically be replaced by a link on a page with the same PageRank and category as the link that was removed.

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Auto Link Replacement Diversifies IP's

Any links created by the Auto Link Replacement functionality are placed on pages with different Class C IP addresses. This improves link diversity and strenthens your backlink portfolio.

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