Link Seller Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Publisher service work?

We provide a small section of code (PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, or Perl/CGI) that you would use to copy and paste into the page(s) where you want to publish links. These would be pages that are indexed in Google and meet our other minimum quality standards. Once the code is successfully installed in your source code you can activate your web page(s) within our service. At that point your page(s) are made available to our advertiser base and they can choose to place text links on them if they desire. Their decision will be based on Google PageRank value, relevancy, and similar factors.

Also as the Publisher you will be able to enter a brief description for each page, place it under a category for relevancy, and filter out text link purchases from unwanted categories of websites. The text links will appear on your page(s) wherever you copy and paste the installation code. Most publishers place the code in a sidebar or footer file.

What are your terms of service?

Click here to view the Terms of Service.

How much do I earn for each text link sold?

As a publisher, you will earn monthly recurring income for each text link you display on your web page(s). For rates, check out the Sell Text Links page.

Payments are made within the first 3 days of the month. Payment is sent for the total number of sold text links present in your account on the last calendar date of the preceding month. All payments are sent via Payoneer; unfortunately no other payment options are supported.

How many back links does my site need to qualify?

When adding your web site as a Publisher you may receive an error that it does not have enough back links to qualify.

As part of our efforts to give our customers the highest quality web pages to advertise on, we evaluate many metrics in addition to Domain Authority to see if a web page meets our minimum standard. While we do not disclose the minimums due to privacy concerns, some of the criteria we used to make this determination include having way too few or too many back links compared to your Domain Authority.

There is no set number or formula. But obviously any page with zero or very few back links is not going to qualify. Also even if you have a few dozen back links check their quality. Are they no follow links? Are they all on sub-pages? Are they all from the same 2-3 websites?

Generally good, quality domains with real authority have at least a few hundred back links along with some good quality.

You can use the tool at to check each domain directly.

How can I cancel my account?

Please contact us through your control panel and request to cancel.

Why can’t I find the options for Content Link Ads?

Unfortunately we are no longer offering the Content Link Ads feature. These were not proving effective for SEO any longer.

For Publishers, any pages you have that are currently active with existing link ad sales can remain. However please do not add any new pages to My Content Link Pages. These cannot be validated successfully. Advertisers are not able to place new Content Link Ads so it will not matter to add new pages or re-validate existing ones.

What is the difference between a homepage and a subpage?

A home page is the root or index page of your website. It is the first page visitors will see when arriving at your domain name. Homepages are generally named index.php, index.html, index.asp, default.asp, etc…

A sub-page is a page linked to from your home page and generally has a unique file name such as about.php, contact_us.html, services.asp, etc…

Sub-domains (example: are considered sub-pages.

Why MOZ Domain Authority?

Google takes a lot of factors into account when determining the authority of a site. So, if you want to find sites that are important to Google, you have to have a metric that is calculated using a lot of factors as well.

We chose MOZ DA because it is an aggregate of metrics (MozRank, MozTrust, link profile, and more) that best approximates the authority of a site in the eyes of the search engines.

Look up the MOZ Domain Authority for a site >
Learn more about MOZ Domain Authority >

Do I need to register for an Advertiser and Publisher account separately?

Yes, unfortunately we do not have an option presently for a combination Advertiser and Publisher account. So you will need to register for each account type separately. Each account will need a unique user name and email address (for password recovery.) However the rest of the account information may be the same. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Where can I see how much I have earned?

Log into your Publisher Control Panel and on the first page there will be some Account Statistics. This will show your total text links sold, monthly revenue, and the number of text links sold within the last week, month, etc… Please keep in mind that the total monthly revenue listed is only an estimate of your current earnings. The final total is not calculated until the final calendar date of the month.

The My Payments link will also show a history of your past payouts.

When will I be paid for my sold links? Publisher payments are made within the first 3 days of the month. Payment is sent for the total number of sold text links present in your account on the last calendar date of the preceding month. All payments are sent via Payoneer; unfortunately no other payment options are supported.

How is payment made for sold text links?

All Publisher payments are sent via Payoneer. Unfortunately no other payout method is supported at present. When registering for your Publisher account you must enter a valid Payoneer email address that can definitely receive funds. This is done in your Control Panel under the edit my account settings button.

Where can I enter or update my Payoneer email address?

In your Account Control panel click the edit my account settings button. Here you can enter your current Payoneer account information and click update/save. Please be sure to enter a valid Payoneer account that you have confirmed can receive funds.

What if I have a Payoneer account but it cannot receive funds?

Unfortunately a valid Payoneer account that can receive funds is required for all Publisher payouts. Some Payoneer accounts can only send money and not receive. Please check with support about your account if you are unsure.

If you cannot get a Payoneer account the only alternative we can recommend is that you use a friends Payoneer account to receive funds from us instead. However we dont get involved in any disputes that may result between you and your friend whose Payoneer account is being used.

What if sent payment to the wrong Payoneer account?

All Publisher payments are sent to the Payoneer account listed in your Control Panel under the edit my account settings button. If this address is not correct you should log-in to your Control Panel and update it immediately. After doing so, please contact us through your control panel with the incorrect Payoneer account and the amount/date of the payment that we sent. We will investigate to see if the payment was denied and the funds were returned to us. Once this is confirmed we can re-send the payment manually to the corrected Payoneer account.

Do I have to add your installation code to my web page(s)?

Yes, this is required. By adding our code, text links purchased by other users are are able to be added and removed on your web pages automatically and thus no action is required by you. Unfortunately we do not allow the manual placement of sold text links in our service.

Can I place sold text links manually?

Unfortunately we do not allow the manual placement of sold text links in our service. You are required to add our installation code to your web page(s) and validate them through your Control panel. By adding our code, text links from Advertisers are are able to be added and removed on your web pages automatically and thus no action is required by you.

Can I use the same installation code for all my web pages?

If you are trying to sell links on other top level domains (example:,, etc…) then unfortunately you will not be able to use the same installation code for each website page. Each top level domain has its own unique software key. Thus you must set-up each Links Page profile separately in your Control Panel. Under each listing will be a separate installation code button. You will need to use the installation code listed here for the corresponding domain/website.

If you are trying to sell links on sub-pages of the same website and top level domain then it is possible to use one copy of the installation code. (For example:,, etc…)

Can I be notified when a link is sold?

Yes, in your Control Panel click on the edit my account settings button. Next check the box next to “Link Sale Notification”. By doing so we will email you at the address on file whenever a link is sold on one of your web pages.

How do I activate my page to sell links?

To activate your pages please read the “Getting Started” section in your control panel and view the video tutorials.

The following instructions also may help: From your Control Panel click “My Link Pages” in the left side menu then under the domain you want to activate click on the button labeled “installation code”. Select the type of web page you will be adding links to, it must use either PHP, ASP, Perl, or ASP.Net.

PERL = Be sure to use the appropriate web page extension: *.pl or *.cgi

PHP = Be sure to use the appropriate web page extension: *.php (for example, your home page must be named index.php)

ASP = Be sure to use the appropriate web page extension: *.asp (for example, your home page must be named index.asp)

ASP.NET = Be sure to use the appropriate web page extension: *.aspx

You may need to check with your web hosting provider and see if they support any of the programming languages above. Unfortunately our code will not work in a .html or .htm page (such as index.html) without changing your server settings:

However if your web hosting server supports one of the programming languages above you can change your home page to the appropriate name (such as index.php or index.asp.)

Copy and paste our installation code into your web page where you would like the text links to be displayed. Be sure that the code is pasted directly into the source code of the homepage and that the code is not being included by the use of frames or through any kind of widget or module.

Once the code is added to your web page, click the “Validate Web Page” link in the “My Link Pages” section of your control panel. This will verify that our software is working correctly on your web page. If it does not work then something must be wrong and you can try a different location in your page.

Your web host will need to allow remote calls from your website which means they will need to have cURL or fopen enabled on their server.

If you find that our code will simply not work on your page(s) please let us know if you wish to close the account by emailing

I received an email that a link was sold but I don’t see it in my Control Panel?

By default, the advertisers can not see all the web page URL’s in our system until they place a link on the Publisher web page. This was done to help protect the privacy of our Publishers.

Just as we give Publishers control to cancel any link ads they are not happy with, Advertisers can do the same. If they evaluate the web page and decide to cancel the selection they may do so. Then they can choose an alternate page instead. Their decision may be based on relevancy, other link ads on the web page, and similar factors.

Please keep in mind that this could happen several times during the month since we are adding new advertisers daily.

Can I use your installation code with my caching module or plug-in?

Unfortunately our installation code and plug-in are not compatible with any page caching plug-ins. Even if you can validate your web page successfully initially, eventually it will fail our validation checks and be de-activated. Cache plug-ins are very popular with WordPress websites and other blog websites. Some of these modules are named WP Cache, WP Super Cache, and W3 Total Cache.

Quote from WordPress:

“It works by caching WordPress pages and storing them in a static file for serving future requests directly from the file rather than loading and compiling the whole PHP code and the building the page from the database.”


You will need to disable/remove any caching plug-ins if you wish to continue using our service on your web pages.

Alternatively, you can choose to keep the plug-in active and whitelist our user agent: You will need to consult your cache module or wordpress instructions for how to whitelist specific user agents.

If you can use the Quick Cache plug-in instead then we can provide instructions so you can whitelist our user agent. Then we can still access a non-cached version of your blog which will keep your listing active. Here are the instructions:

You will need to disable/remove all other cache plug-ins if you decide to switch to Quick Cache. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How can I change the look and feel of the text links?

Unfortunately we do not allow the look and feel of the link ads to be changed. All link ads are just displayed in the most basic html possible with no custom formatting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Can I modify the installation code?

We don’t support any custom changes you might make to the installation code. Our validation bot will check the installation code on your pages periodically to make sure it is functioning correctly. If there are any problems then we will email or notify you and allow 3 days for these to be corrected.

Do you support international characters?

Yes in general most web pages with links for sale will be able to show the anchor text in international characters. However this will vary depending on the server settings of each web page. Thus after making a link selection you can check the URL directly to make sure that your anchor text is showing correctly. If for any reason it is not showing properly you can cancel the link selection. The link credit(s) will be automatically returned to you so you can make an alternate selection instead. Also there is no problem adding anchor texts in international characters through our web based Control Panel. However if you run into a character limitation on the anchor text field please contact and we can try to increase it for you.

Can I use Publisher service with,, and sites?

Our link publishing software requires that your web hosting server allow remote calls from your server to our database. This usually means having cURL, fopen(), or similar functions available.

Unfortunately,,, and similar websites do not have these functions enabled. Thus our software will not work on your site(s).