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9 Twitter SEO Tips You Need to Know for Your Business

Are you looking to boost your SEO game on Twitter? Worry no more about which tweets will hit or miss the mark. Below, we’ve got a list of 9 Twitter SEO tips for your business.

Why use Twitter and Twitter SEO to promote your business? It’s practical social media marketing, especially when you consider how many people are on it. In the United States, there are over 68 million active Twitter users per month. 

1. Promote Your Brand via a Fully-Optimized Profile

When you’re creating a Twitter account, you want to use a handle and username that promotes your brand. Use the same or a similar name you use on your other social media. This is how your audience finds you on your social media.

The verification badge is a key icon that helps build trust and authenticity. This badge disappears whenever you change your name. Thus, avoid changing your username as much as possible.

Another important Twitter SEO tip is to optimize your profile photo. Use a profile photo with an optimized filename. Rename it with keywords separated by dashes. 

2. Make Your Tweets Re-Tweetable

A great way to build your presence on Twitter is to get users to share your tweets. To do this, limit the characters in your tweets. The best number of characters is somewhere between 110 and 120.

When you tweet, consider the length of your links. If it’s too long, use URL shortening sites like Avoid sharing URLs without context since it can confuse followers. 

Do you want to know how to get on Google search? Under certain circumstances, a tweet with countless likes and re-tweets can go there. This, however, is unreliable unless you have a hefty following that always reacts to your tweets.

3. Use Keywords in Your Tweets

Keywords are vital to your Twitter SEO and any other SEO. They make your brand easier to search online. Know which keywords will work best with your brand and incorporate them in your tweets. 

Figure out your primary keyword. Use this as a hashtag in each of your tweets. This way, when people look up the keyword, your posts will come up.

The tweet may even pop up in the Trends Feed.

However, be careful about overdoing it. Despite keywords, you must offer valuable content to your followers still. 

4. Choose the Best First Characters in Every Tweet

Did you know that your first 42 characters are a bit more important than the rest? Yes, the first characters of your tweet can give the most impact on its SEO value later. The first words you write will come up as the tweet’s title tag on a Google search. 

These 42 characters include important details. On a Google search result, your account name and the first characters show up. Don’t stress out too much on pushing all your keywords forward.

Most search engines still index your entire tweet. 

5. Provide Relevant Content Experience

Using social media like Twitter promotes brand awareness through influencers or hashtags. However, it’s easy to get your followers’ attention with clickbait titles. Avoid these and offer authentic and relevant experiences instead. 

If you’re adding links to your tweets, make sure they bring users to the right landing pages. Remember that internet users want what they want right away. They don’t enjoy having to look around your website for what they want, so don’t make them.

Use hashtags for events your brand is a part of. Seasonal events are also great for adding more applicable keywords. It’s a great way to keep up with competition who also use seasonal keywords. 

6. Optimize Twitter SEO with A Great Bio

Every Twitter business page needs a short, comprehensive bio. The best way to use it is to focus on what your brand specializes in. Mention which industry you belong to and what followers can expect from you.

Since it’s a small bit, you can do this one yourself. You don’t even need to make it longer than a paragraph. Your bio only uses 160 characters at most.

Be simple, brief, and attention-grabbing. Add your links in later. Add the even more intriguing content later.

7. Make Your Twitter Handle Visible in Your Website

There’s one way to get onto the game and that’s using your handle on your website. You can even use it as a link to direct site visitors to your twitter profile. This way, they can follow you once they reach your Twitter page.

Do this by adding the Twitter button on the site or your username as a link. Keep it next to your other social media buttons. This way, visitors can find your social media accounts like Twitter with ease.

Keep both your Twitter and your website accessible to new followers. This is useful if you have a lot of website visitors. After following a business, 85% of followers feel they’re more connected to it.

8. Be Bold, Add Visuals

Humans are visual creatures by nature. We depend more on our visual senses than on any of our other senses. Take advantage of this fact of nature in your Twitter SEO game.

Be as visual as you can be.

You can do as little as add emojis to your tweets. This creates a visual point that can change the entire mood of the tweet. Tweet photos and use memes.

9. Insert Links

If you want to get a twee page indexed on Google, use links. This is a more reliable way of getting on a Google search page result rather than depending on retweets and likes.

Using links on your posts helps create a solid backlink profile. As we mentioned earlier, use URL shorteners to keep the character count in check. TinyURL and are two popular URL shorteners.

Be More Social, Be More Present

That’s it for our guide on Twitter SEO and how you can optimize it for your business. Now that you’re done with the list, do you see how easy it is? We hope you enjoyed reading about these 9 SEO tips. 

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