The 9 Best Off Page SEO Strategies You Need to Use

off page SEOThink off page SEO means links, links, and more links?

Think again.

Off page SEO reaches further than links. Successful bloggers begin with on-page search engine optimization. But they never stop there.

Your rankings on Google depend just as much on what happens away from your website as they do your on-page SEO strategy.

Do you spend enough time thinking about your off page SEO strategy? It’s not enough to care about your brand or your website. You must care for and work hard to enhance your reputation.

Doing so makes others want to visit your website and learn more about your brand.

Not sure where to begin?

Let’s discuss the ins and outs of this type of SEO. From there, we’ll dive into the 9 best off page SEO strategies you can use to bolster your brand.

What is off page SEO?

Off page SEO refers to the optimization that takes place away from your website. You optimize your brand through content, relationships, and links.

Great off-site SEO leads to an increase in positive brand mentions and reputation, search rankings, conversations about your brand, and traffic to your site.

People seek out brands after they form opinions based on reviews and testimony from family and friends. No one gets out of bed and decides to interact with your company.

The goal of off-site SEO is to gather as many positive mentions and interaction for your brand as possible. These lead to an overall 9 gain for your company.

The benefits? Brand mentions, positive reviews, and, yes, links!

How can you optimize your brand outside of your website? Let’s move on to the 9 best off page SEO tactics.

The 9 Best Tactics to Add to Your Off-Site SEO Strategy Now!

Where should you begin when tackling your off-site SEO? Think about the places where you began your business: your customers, product, and brand.

1. Craft a Solid Brand Message

Your brand message communicates your value proposition to customers.

Brands that follow their core values resonate with customers. A strong brand message makes penetrating your target market easier.

How can you craft a solid brand message?

  • Determine your brand’s defining characteristic. Focus your energy there.
  • Create resources that offer the best, thorough answers to the questions your customers are asking

2. Create a Top of the Line product

When your product is best in its class, SEO becomes a breeze. People online and offline will champion your brand. This leads to improved website traffic, positive reviews, and increased sales.

Where can you start?

Existing products need to focus on the features customers find most beneficial. Consult any and all feedback you find online about your product and your competition.

New products should focus on the problems you can solve for your potential audience. Focus on the benefits your product provides consumers that address those needs head on.

3. Practice Great Customer Service

Customers comprise the core of your business. Without customers, you cannot continue to operate.

Make your customers feel appreciated and special. Poor customer service makes reputation management an expensive hassle.

Ensure that every person who comes into contact with your brand and those associated with it feels as though they experienced the best possible interaction.

Use your customers’ names. Customer-facing staff should champion a positive attitude and willingness to help any customer in need.

4. Keep in Mind a Web Searcher’s Intent

Products and services fail when they don’t meet the needs of a company’s target audience.

In terms of content, pay special attention to keywords. The keywords you use should reflect those your audience uses to find similar products or services.

Do your research. Focus on where customers share and discuss content.

Talk to people. Read discussion threads. Exercise empathy for your consumers online.

Interact with them about the questions they need answers to.

5. Responsive Social Media

Make yourself available to consumers.

They search for information because of unmet needs or questions that need answering. Once they’ve conducted a Google search, their next step is to take to social media.

Social media proves one of the most important and irreplaceable components of any SEO strategy today.

Make sure someone monitors your social media accounts. Answer questions or feedback as fast as possible.

Engage in genuine conversations online. Don’t shove your brand down a customer’s throat. Instead, think long-term relationship building.

Unresponsive social media results in decreased brand loyalty increased negative feedback, and users more willing to switch to a competitor.

6. Build Influencer Connections

Influencers maintain huge online reach. They bring name recognition, throngs of followers, and connections with high-ranking websites with them.

Enlist the help of influencers to boost your off page SEO.

Get to know them in person and online. Put yourself on their radar. In the future, they may recognize your brand and share your content.

Fostering a relationship with an influencer could lead to collaborations on content.

7. Frequent forums, discussion boards, and comment sections

Visit the popular blogs and social media platforms in your industry.

Leave thoughtful comments. Get noticed for your knowledge, and your empathy in furthering a discussion. This drives traffic to your website or blog.

8. Guest Post for the Right Reasons

Use guest posts to build your rapport with influencers and other brands.

Don’t guest post for links. The links will come in time.

Remember your website is one of many in your industry. Connect with others off-site in meaningful ways to grow your reach. This type of interaction drives traffic to your site.

9. Use Multiple Content Types

Content goes beyond words on a page. Use images, videos, and infographics on and off your website.

Video content will account for 80% of shared content online by 2019.

Using different types of content humanizes your brand. Customers will share this content, driving more people to your site.


There you have it! The 9 best off page SEO strategies right at your fingertips!

Approach your off page SEO strategy with care.

Remember that relationship building is a huge part of off page SEO. Interact with your audience and influencers. Your rankings will mirror your efforts.

You’re ready to craft a full-proof SEO strategy. Put these tools to action today to improve your SERP!