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How Search Optimizers Work And Why It’s Important

Search optimizers are a special breed of marketers. They have a knowledge of marketing, buyer’s psychology and back that up with technical wizardry to get websites ranked highly in search engines.

It’s not an easy feat, yet they do it for countless small businesses every day. Businesses invest at least $500 a month on quality SEO, meaning no shady tricks that you might be penalized for later.

Do you want to know how a search optimizer works to make rankings rise?

Keep reading to find out how they work and why you need to hire one.

Why Is Search Optimization Important?

Search engine optimization, when done well, can be a boon for business. Let’s put it this way:

  • 75% of users never click past the first page of search results.
  • Leads from SEO have a 14% close rate vs. 1.7% for traditional ads.
  • 60% of website traffic goes to the first three search results.

Having your company on the first page can turn into more traffic, more leads, and more revenue. That makes the investment in SEO worthwhile.

When SEO is done poorly, the consequences can be severe. Google can penalize your website, making it drop in rankings or disappear altogether.

When you hire a search optimizer, you want to be crystal clear that they use white hat SEO strategies. Here’s what else a top-notch search company will do for you.

Know Your Marketing Strategy

The first step to search engine optimization is to understand how it fits into your marketing strategy. Search optimizers will take the time to learn about your target market, what you do for them, and your marketing messages.

You’ll be asked who your competition is, how you’re marketing your business and what’s currently working in your marketing.

These questions will help the SEO pro to research keywords and your competition in the next steps.

Search Optimizers Will Perform an SEO Audit

An SEO audit is an in-depth look at your website from a technical perspective and from a user perspective.

An SEO audit ensures that any work performed on your website is done on a solid foundation. The search optimizer will make sure that search engines can find your website. They’ll also check how fast your website is.

Search optimizers will look at each individual page to see how they are structured and written. They’ll look at keywords, potential pitfalls as to why your page isn’t ranking highly.

Competition Research

Competition research is important to understand what you’re up against to rank your site. This type o research includes the keywords your competition ranks for, what their backlinks are, and how their site is structured.

This type of research also reveals where the opportunities are and discover keywords that your competition missed out on.

Keyword Research

Keyword research takes all the information from the first three steps to determine potential keywords. Those keywords are researched to determine the level of competition and the amount of traffic that keyword gets.

You want to hit the sweet spot between a search term that gets a good amount of traffic but doesn’t have a lot of competition.

For example, if you want to rank for fitness, you’ll find there is a huge amount of competition and traffic. If you drill down to a niche like suspension training for fitness, you’ll find that search term hits the sweet spot.

Internal Link Structure

If you have a website that’s been around for a while, you may have a lot of pages. Search optimizers decide what the most important pages are on your site and make sure they’re getting link juice.

That lets Google know that those pages are important pieces of content on your site. Google will then give those pages priority in search results.

Create Backlinks to Your Site

If you want to rank highly in SERPs, you need backlinks.

The first is that quality is much more important than quality. Backlinks are weighted according to domain authority.

The higher domain authority, the more weight a backlink from that site will have. The more weight a backlink has, the higher you can appear in search results.

What do you think has more weight, a link from a mom and pop shop around the corner, or a link from The New York Times?

The second thing is that blackhat backlinks don’t work. These tactics include duplicate content, commenting and adding links in forums and other blogs, and keyword stuffing.

The best SEO companies know this and will optimize your site accordingly.

Provide Content Direction

A search optimizer has put a lot of time into your website already. This is next step ensures that once people get to your website, they’ll stay because the content is interesting to readers.

They’ll come up with article ideas based on the keywords found in the research phase. Some search professionals will write the content for you or give you specific instructions so you can write the content yourself.

If your company serves a specific geographic area, the search optimizers will make sure that your content includes local references.

They’ll look to see if your traffic is coming from mobile devices or desktop computers. Then, they’ll make sure the content and the website are optimized for users.

Stay on Top of Trends

Google changes its algorithm between 500-600 times every year. That’s a lot of changes to keep up with. Search optimizers live and breathe SEO, and it’s their job to keep up with all of these changes.

They’ll keep up with trends in content marketing and social media. That gives you an advantage and increases your chances to improve your search rankings.

Hire Search Optimizers to Grow Your Business

Search optimizers wear a lot of hats from marketing to web programming. The level of expertise required to perform high-quality SEO work is huge.

That’s especially true when it comes to building backlinks for your website. has over 10 years of experience working with businesses to build quality backlinks that get results.

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