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Top 7 Benefits of Working with a Link Building Company

When was the last time you checked your link profile? Does your site’s management team know how to use tools like Ahrefs to organize an effective link building strategy?

If not, it’s time to consider pairing up with an expert link building company to do the job for you. This allows you to give the best customer experience and benefit your business in many ways. At the same time, you can save money and allocate resources better.

Do you need more reasons to work with a link building company? Here are seven benefits:

1. Improved Domain and Page Authority

Google determines the rank of your website based on the quantity and the quality of inbound links. Page authority is the subjective measure of this quality while domain authority measures your website as a whole. The higher your domain authority, the higher your rank depending on the specific search terms you’re aiming for.

Working with a link building agency helps you get more relevant links that point back to your domain. It helps your business become more invested in the quality of your link building campaign. This makes all your website pages rank higher in organic search results.

2. More Referral Traffic

This is one of the most obvious yet the most forgotten benefits of working with a link building company.

Don’t forget that the agency already has affiliations with other blogs and businesses. They can use this resource to your advantage, adding guest blogs to those affiliates to build your link profile in an efficient manner.

The links you get from your link building campaign exist for life and readers of the content can click on them. When the users who check your material want to learn more about the topic, they can follow the link back to your website without difficulty.

The more layers you add to your link building strategy, the more referral traffic you get. Sometimes, the referral traffic can get you more value than organic search rankings.

3. Increased Brand Visibility

When you work with a link building agency to help get you links through guest posts, it gives your business more exposure to readers.

Using these publishing sources is easy since most of them look for new content so it’s a fair trade. They get content while you get free advertising with an audience that might not have heard about your business before.

More visibility is always a good thing. It leads to more people recognizing your brand. This can get more people to give you more direct traffic in the future.

4. More Brand Authority

Link building is another reason to post as an industry thought leader. It’s a good way to motivate you to publish a strong, thorough content on relevant publishers and let link building companies handle the links. Readers of these publishers will see your business as an authority and become more inclined to click on the links that lead to your website.

Even doing three or four high-quality articles can get readers interested in your website. This helps you get even more referral traffic. It helps increase your conversion rates and make your customers trust your business more.

5. Industry Authorities Exposure

When you use guest posting to build your link network with a link building company, you’ll get to read what other influencers in the industry write. This allows you to know what to write and help your link building efforts. It can attract these experts to write as guest posters on your site too, driving their audience to your brand.

Link building with an expert can lead you to have free content from these influencers. It allows you to have a greater connection with your audience and other authorities in your industry.

6. Competitive Edge

Links are public and you can’t hide or mask them in any way. In fact, there are a lot of tools out there that let you see where the links point to, whether it’s to your site or to your competitor’s.

When you do this with a link building company, you can make a strategic competitor analysis that lets you know where your competition gets their links. This can help you target the same sources if they’re authoritative and helps increase your website’s reliability.

7. Lifetime Investment

Unlike the use of paid ads or other traditional digital marketing and SEO methods, investing links through a link building company lasts as long as the link you used remains active.

When you use paid ads, you give rent on a monthly or a yearly basis to have a temporary boost on your visibility. Links get you a more or less permanent placement which continues to direct referral traffic to your website.

The lifetime of links is long since most web pages they’re stored in can last for years. The more authoritative the website is, the less likely it is for it to go away any time soon. Link building is the same as building home equity while buying paid ads is something similar to paying the rent for an apartment.

As with any house, you can choose to do the link building on your own. There are a lot of ways out there to help you build your links. But coordinating with a link building company is like hiring professional contractors to build a strong house that can survive the test of time.

Get a Good Link Building Company Today!

Link building with professionals can become one of the greatest business investments you can make. Often, you can become so focused on other SEO or digital marketing strategies and forget a lot of the benefits of link building. If you wish to build your links, it’s not the best idea for you to do it alone.

Do you need help building a good backlink network? We can help. We have the expertise and the latest strategies that can help you build your links in an efficient and professional manner.

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