how to get backlinks

The Definitive Guide to Link Building for eCommerce Sites

There are more than 1 million websites online today.

That’s a lot of websites trying to target their selected audience. Learning how to get backlinks is one way to get your online store in front of hundreds of potential customers. But getting those links can be difficult.

If you’re still navigating how to get backlinks, look no further. Keep reading for the guide on how to build links for your business.:

Start A Blog First!

If you create a blog for your website you’ll be able to create content that will make other sites want to link to. This blog should directly connect to your e-commerce website.

Make sure that your blog posts and website are search engine optimized. So that companies looking for content to link to can find you.

If you don’t have time to create your own blog and following consider buying a blog that is already established. This way you’ll just need to start promoting yourself within it.

Contact Manufacturers

When you’re trying to learn how to get backlinks sometimes the answers are right in front of you. In other words, contact your manufacturers. If your manufacturers have a website look to see if your business is featured on it.

If not try to contact them and ask them how you can get featured on it. This can be in the form of a spotlight on the site or even in an article about you.

If the manufacturer is open to having an article about you on their website offer to write it! This way you can have control of what the links will go to.

Guest Write Articles

Another way to get backlinks is to offer to write articles for other blogs. Look for blogs that rank high on the search engine and create content that is relevant to your store.

Reach out to these blogs and ask if you can write a post for them with one of your links integrated in the post. After a while of reaching out to multiple blogs create a contact list for blogs. This way you can pitch to blogs regularly.

Monitor Mentions

Create social media for your blog and use a tool to monitor when people talk about your business. Make sure that your social accounts are search engine optimized to help with getting your brand on the first page of search results.

This will help you find people and websites that already have an interest in your website or product. Which will make it easier for you to reach out to them regarding linking to your page.

One great tool for monitoring what people are saying online is Google Alerts. You can input your company’s name or general product descriptions and it will alert you when new content is created mentioning it.

Find Bloggers and Ask for Reviews

Look for other bloggers who write content related to your products. Ask them to review your products. Send them over free products in exchange for them to publish content on their websites.

Make sure that the bloggers you are reaching out to also serve the same audience you are trying to reach. This will ensure that the backlinks are doing their job at increasing traffic.

Mention Other websites

When you start to publish content on your blog mention other websites on your pages. Not any websites though. Mention websites that have to do with your products or business.

After a while, these websites will start to notice that you are sending traffic their way. This will open up the opportunity for you to be able to interact with these websites more. Whether it be guest posts or collaborations.

Send Pitches to Editors

Another great way to get links is to send pitches to news editors. Getting featured on a media site is a good way to get good backlinks. Because media sites are often seen as credible sources. This would look like typing up an email to a news source.

Build Relationships With Journalists

Find out who the journalists are in the field of your e-commerce business. Get to know them and start to build relationships.

This way when a related story comes up you can give them the inside perspective or expert commentary. This is also a good way to get backlinks for your website.

Find Influencers

Search through the various social media accounts to find people who are influencers in your field. These people are the opinion leaders when it comes to your industry and they will determine what many of their followers are interested in.

Contact these influencers to see if they would be interested in reviewing a few products as well. This will help in getting your name out there as well as creating backlinks for your website.

Consider creating a brand ambassador for your company as well. This means choosing a select few influencers to help communicate what your e-commerce site is about.

Make Graphic Content

Start making graphic content for your topic to make it easier for companies to link to. A popular form of content that is good for backlinks is infographics. Graphics like these communicate a complex topic or show readers how to do something.

These are useful which means that websites will be open to linking back to them for clarification on a topic.

Create Partnerships

If there are other e-commerce sites that are related to your products but not in competition start partnerships with them. These partnerships could mean anything from writing guest posts for each other to featuring each other’s products on your websites.

Creating a network like this can also be useful in sharing information on relevant influencers. And you’ll be able to link to this website that you know will be linking to you back.

Shoot Some Video

Videos are also a way to potentially receive more backlinks! This is because, like infographics, they are a great way to further explain complex topics.

These days most people enjoy watching videos more than reading long paragraphs. More people are likely to watch your video than read a blog post. As well as it will be easier to share on social media.

More Advice on How to Get Backlinks

Learning how to get backlinks for your website is a long process. One that has many different avenues to get to your goal for website traffic. One thing that helps is consistency so don’t give up!

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