Link Sellers: New Tools = New Opportunities

We recently added a couple new tools that open up a ton of new earning opportunities for your new and existing sites. The first one makes it easy-cheesy to add new sub-pages while the other allows you to mass validate all of your eligible link pages with the click of a single button.

Check For Eligible Sub-Pages Tool

In the past, we know it has been a bit of a hassle to add sub-pages because each one had to be added and validated individually.

With the new “Check for Eligible Sub-Pages” tool, you can easily add the top, indexed sub-pages with just a few clicks.

To use this feature, log into your BackLinks Control Panel and click on My Link Ads. From there, you will see a “Check for Eligible Sub-Pages” button under each of your home page listings.

When you click the button, the system will search for your most authoritative sub-pages for that domain. Uncheck any you do not want to add, click the button, and all of your selected pages will be automatically added!

Then, follow the instructions to add the code to the pages. (For most website types, you can either install the plugin or add the code in an include file so you only need to add it once.)

From there, you just need to validate that everything is working properly, and we have a new tool for that too!

Mass-Validate Pages Tool

So, you have added umpteen pages and included the code…The only thing left is to verify the code. In your control panel, at the top of the My Link Pages section, you will see a new button to mass-validate your inactive pages (if you have pages that qualify).

There really is no explanation needed. Just click the button and you should be good to go!

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As always, let us know if you have questions!