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The Magic Behind Link Building Services

As our digital world becomes increasingly noisy, ensuring your online presence can be heard over the crowd plays an essential role in your business’ success. Link building services are there to hand you a microphone.

As of November 2016, Google was aware of 160 trillion web pages, a 100 trillion increase since 2013. The days of SEO being a nice-to-have are over, it’s now essential in making sure your content is reaching the right people. But other than optimising your pages, and writing killer content, how else can you make sure Google is giving your pages the spotlight they so rightly deserve?

Link building is the magic word, and link builders are the wizards.

What is Link Building?

Google crawls millions of websites every day, reading and indexing page content, and the relationships between them. One of the most important SEO factors is a page’s links – both internal and external.

Links to your website act as points in Google’s scale of popularity. The more backlinks you have, the more popular you are.

But it’s not just about the numbers!

As search engine algorithms evolve, the quality of the links to your site plays a major part in what the search engine infers about your page. Trusted authority sites generally link to other trusted authority sites, quality sites to quality sites, and so on.

The goal then is to get lots of backlinks to your website from quality, trusted sources. Link building is the process of getting those links.

Why is it important?

Link building goes a long way to ensuring your website’s SEO is happy and healthy.

Google isn’t just focused on web page content, they also pay close attention to the relationships between those pages. The more quality links to your site Google discovers, the more it sees your site as an authority; the more authoritative your site, the higher Google will rank it in search results. And we all know how vital that search rank is.

Good link building practices also increase brand awareness and positive associations in the mind of your audience. For example, if a brand they already trust is linking to your site, they infer your brand is also trustworthy.

Trust, authority, and popularity are the holy trinity of SEO through link building.

Where do link building services come in?

Link building services facilitate getting quality, trustworthy links to your site. But in today’s age of being able to learn anything online, what is it that makes link building services so valuable to your business?

For starters:

1. They know what they’re doing

Link buying, blog relations, social media marketing, link baiting – these are just a few practices quality link building services have in their tool belt. Link building isn’t a walk in the park, particularly for someone just dipping their toes into SEO for the first time.

When you hire a link building service, you’re hiring a professional in their field. While the initial cost might not seem worth it, the future benefits to your search engine ranking and your business as a whole will speak for themselves.

2. They’re on top of industry changes

The Google Penguin algorithm hit the industry like a sledgehammer in 2014. Overnight, it changed everything about link building, and SEO industry professionals had to scramble to stay relevant. And stay relevant they did.

Today, link building requires a lot more time and skill, as well as the readiness to handle any future SEO industry updates. Quality link building services are poised to do all that and more.

3. They know how to link build responsibly

It can be very easy to fall into bad practices in link building. Linking your site in comment threads or signing off a guest book with a URL may seem like good strategies but in reality, they can severely harm your website’s SEO and your company’s reputation.

Link building services don’t just know what to do, they know what not to do. Keeping your company from looking unprofessional and spammy is just one of the many up sides to hiring a professional.

4. They have access to all the right tools

Quality SEO auditing software and link building tools don’t come cheap, but they do come with your professional link building service. Quality link builders have a suite of tools at their disposal to help get your site’s SEO strong and healthy and keep it that way.

So rather than subscribing to a dozen software licenses and drowning in how-to posts, get your link building service to do all the heavy lifting for you.

5. They know the right people

“It’s who you know” is an established adage for a reason. Industry connections and contacts are as invaluable in the SEO world as any other. When you hire a link building professional, you’re also hiring their reputation.

An established, high-quality link building service will have a catalog of industry contacts to put to use in getting your site’s search engine ranking up to scratch.

6. Link building is time-consuming work

Running a business is hard work, and so is link building. Odds are you don’t have the time to put toward lunch let alone building and managing linking campaigns.

This is where link building services come in. They take the link building off your hands so you can concentrate on actually running your business.

7. A good link building service is also a great teacher

Hiring a quality link building service is forging a rewarding partnership. Great companies will answer your questions honestly, keep their processes transparent, and teach you invaluable online SEO and marketing strategies par for the course.

There’s no better way to learn SEO tips and tricks than from the professionals.

In Conclusion

Link building is an invaluable tool in your search engine optimisation arsenal. It increases your website’s search engine visibility, drives brand awareness, and builds your company’s authority in your industry.

Good link building services will push your SEO to live up to its potential, keep your site on top of search engine updates, and keep your brand’s reputation squeaky clean.

Now that you know the magic of link building, why not become a magician yourself? Check out our post on how to become a link building master.