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How to Get High Authority Backlinks from Bloggers

In The Secret to Getting Authority Backlinks, we listed the ways you can get natural backlinks. One of those ways is reaching out to influential content creators. Influential content creators can mean industry leaders, journalists, or bloggers who have the authority to shape public or industry opinion.

Here, we’ll go into detail about how you can get high authority backlinks from bloggers.

Ask the Right Way

It’s a given that you should ask nicely. But how do you go about asking bloggers for high authority backlinks? Do you send them an email, tweet them or message them on Facebook?

If you want the safest and most professional option, go with email. But don’t send a form letter. Spend some time drafting an email that makes the recipients feel like you did your homework.

One way to do this is to talk a bit about a recent post they published or a specific topic they covered in their blog. You can then tell them how much you enjoyed their work. But don’t overdo it with the flattery.

You should also be clear about why you emailed them in the first place. Don’t heap on the praises, wait for them to thank you, and ask for a link. Your initial email should have covered that already and sending multiple emails will look like you’re spamming them.

Be Creative

Don’t assume that just because you’ve been leaving insightful comments, the bloggers you’ve been following will automatically give you high authority backlinks. It’s a good start for cultivating a relationship with them but it’s not enough.

In addition to fine-tuning your email outreach, you have to be creative. Lucky for you, there are tried and tested ways to do that.

You can tap specific bloggers (related to your niche or industry of course) who review products and services. You can also interview and be interviewed by others. Another way is to regularly write statistics posts, which bloggers can use as a source.

If you want to ramp up your efforts, try writing testimonials. You could also speak at events, do something newsworthy such as holding a charity event and look into using tools such as HARO.

Go Over Your List

Now you may be wondering why this isn’t the first tip listed. But hear us out. If your list is all high-profile bloggers, you might be missing out on some great opportunities.

For one thing, A-list bloggers frequently receive similar requests. You have to entertain the possibility that no matter how well your email was drafted, your request for a link can still be declined. In this case, you have to move on to something else.

If you go after mid-tier bloggers, you have a better chance of increasing your visibility. Coverage from five or more mid-tier blogs is certainly better than one post from a top blog.

Plus, if your product or service consistently get featured on smaller blogs, in time, larger blogs will pick up the story. After all, it would look bad if they are the only ones in your niche not covering your story.

Be a Good Guest Blogger

Getting high authority backlinks is just one of the benefits of guest blogging. By doing guest posts, you establish yourself as an authority in the industry and you also get more traffic back to your site.

But there’s quite a leap from wanting to guest post and finding the perfect guest blogging opportunities. You can’t just produce content for any blog. It has to be a blog related to your niche or industry and it has to have an established following (also on social media).

If you’ve already compiled a list to guest post on, great! Now you can prepare your pitch.

Take note, however, that blog owners may have different guest posting guidelines. Your best bet, of course, is to follow these rules closely.

Don’t submit an idea when the guidelines say to submit a full post. Write in the format they want the post in and make sure your pitch includes why you would be a great guest blogger.

Try the Broken Links Method

Do you want an easy way to get a blogger’s attention? Let him or her know that there are broken or outdated links on his/her site.

Don’t worry, this won’t make you look obnoxious. Serious bloggers know that harmful backlinks can affect their SEO rankings. You’re actually doing them a favor by letting them know.

But don’t just stop there. You’ll get more mileage by recommending other websites to replace those broken links. This is where you slip in a link to your own website.

A couple of tips. When you reach out to bloggers using this tactic, don’t make it seem like they owe you for doing this. Be friendly and helpful by providing the exact location of the broken links.

Let the Pros Handle It

Getting high authority backlinks is doable. But as you could see from the tips already mentioned, it takes some time and effort.

If you have other tasks on hand that you want to devote more resources to, you should consider link building services. Quality ones know blog relations, link baiting, and other tactics that can help you secure those high-quality links.

You also don’t have to worry about them linking irresponsibly. They have all the right tools at their disposal. And believe us, some of those tools don’t come cheap.

Take advantage of their catalog of industry contacts and get those high-quality backlinks without breaking a sweat.

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