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5 Link Development Strategies You Need to Start Using

Looking for a little more attention? Aren’t we all!

Forget trying to keep up with changing search ranking algorithms. The true secret to success in link development is the same as it’s always been: make your site indispensable.

So how do you transform your site into one that everyone needs to link to? Here are the 5 strategies you need to start using.

Show Your Quality

Search engines are getting smarter about shortcuts to link development. That’s why one of the most effective methods is also the most honest.

Having Grade A content is the quickest path to building links. If you provide top-tier content, you won’t have to “trick” anyone into linking you – they’ll want to do it anyway.

Quality content will get you noticed. Other sites will want to use it to back up their own articles. Your visitors will want to share it on social media, which expands your reach considerably.

Of course, generating quality takes a bit of work. You’ll have to put in the research. You need to understand your niche, but also what sort of content your audience wants to see.

That’ll pay off big time when the links start coming through, however. There’s a lot to be said for leading the pack, instead of following it.

Plug The Gaps

It’s easy to forget that as the internet grows, it also dies off.

Sites disappear or change ownership. And it only takes a few site redesigns to break a carefully-curated list of sources.

No webmaster wants broken links on their site. They provide no value to the visitor and may impact their search rankings. So it’s in their interest to get them fixed.

That’s where you come in. There are ways to track down sites featuring broken links. Using the right browser extensions, you can find these in your niche. Once you’ve got them, speak to the site’s owners and offer your own links as an alternative.

Just like that, you’ve improved their SEO and developed your links.

Even better, those webmasters will remember you, so you might even find a few offers for guest posting kicked your way.

Get Out There

One overlooked method of link development is through creating a real-world impact, whether it’s hosting an event or sponsoring.

This is especially useful for businesses with local appeal.

Running an Event

Hosting an event boosts your brand signal and ensures people will link to you. It makes you the hub of a brand awareness wheel, so any mentions of the event will revolve around you.

When you’re hosting an event, you’ll naturally talk about it a lot. Your site will appear on any discussion or coverage of the event, and as your event gains traction it’ll end up in the local news cycle and on social media.

By hosting an event, you’re also positioning yourself ahead of the other brands involved, because they’ll all talk about you. Along with the positive press from the event itself, this discussion will be a huge boost to your links.


Don’t worry if you can’t afford to host an event. They’re expensive, and you could lose money if the event doesn’t go quite right.

In that case, sponsorship is a safer option. While it won’t put you at the center of attention, it’ll often get you a mention in promotional cycles, which will still result in backlinks for you.

Try to find some key cornerstones in your niche or local area. Businesses like charities or educational institutes depend heavily on popular awareness, so attaching your brand to these is a great way to get noticed.

Make sure to draft a press release for when you find a sponsorship partner. It’ll be the first link your partner runs with, and likely the first of many more to come.

Be Resourceful

Most niches have some kind of resource that people want to tap into.

This could be a business list or tools that others will want to use. It could be some kind of search service or a collection of public domain documents.

Whatever kind of resource suits your niche, try to tap into it. If you can become the place to go for something in your niche, new links will come flooding in.

Other sites in your niche will soon find your resources too useful to ignore, so they’ll only be too happy to link to their competitor.

Simply having these helpful resources on your site will also give you some additional credibility, which will help to bring in larger audiences to your other content. It’s amazing how much authority you can gather in your niche just by offering a few simple tools.

Guest Post

Guest posts are a tried and true way to build new links. It’s a classic for good reason.

Like more traditional forms of publicity, guest posts widen your brand awareness. It puts new eyes on your content and gives you a chance to dazzle new visitors with your content.

You’ll naturally link back to your site within your post. But you can also use contextual links in the post to bring viewers back to your site. If your quality is up to scratch, you’ll want to refer to the great content you’ve created before.

Reach out to sites aligned to your niche, or use Google to find new candidates. You’ll always find someone looking for contributions because it’s a real time-saver for them.

If you’re worried about boosting your competitors, aim for sites just outside your niche, but with crossover appeal. That way you’re sure of a captive audience without giving your competitors an advantage.

Link Development Never Stops

But don’t rest on your laurels just yet. With these tips, you can boost your site to new heights, but link development should always be an ongoing task. Keep at it, and keep looking for new ways to take your site to the next level.

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