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A Beginner’s Guide to Building Link Juice

Remember making those construction paper link chains in primary school? Usually, they were made as a visual countdown to something exciting, like a holiday.

The more links you added to your chain, the cooler it looked and the more noticeable it became.

The same concept is true when it comes to building links to our websites. The more links connecting to our site, the more noticeable we become. With more of our links on other sites, we can expect an increase in our search engine rankings.

But how exactly do we build links that other people want to use on their sites? How do we increase our domain authority using outgoing links? How do we maximize our link juice so that we can increase our web traffic and improve our SEO strategies?

Simple. We use a tried and true method. We use the help me help you route.

Read on to learn strategies for building link juice to create a website that’s a well-oiled, traffic-generating machine.

Building Link Juice Like A Total Pro

Let’s tackle the looming question that may be in your mind: ‘What exactly is link juice?’

‘Link juice’ is SEO jargon that refers to having your links hosted on other sites where people can click and be directed back to your website. ‘Link juice’ is like being the popular kid in school – you’re invited to all the parties and everyone wants to come hang at your house.

If a link to your site or your content is showcased on another site, it’s a vote of authenticity and credibility. This means that your material is being highlighted as a strong resource and other people are choosing to link to you as an ‘expert’.

Ways To Get Your Link Juice Flowing

Be Awesome With Great Content

The number one way to become the popular kid in the linking world is to have the best content you can offer. Having guides, infographics, quality stats and research-driven material that supports whatever it is your site boasts is a great start.

For example, if you are a boating website – to get your link juice flowing, you would want to have some great, relevant content. Things like how-to guides, blog posts, and guides to help boaters with anything related to boating would be considered ‘quality content’.

By adding the right keywords to rev up your SEO marketing, building link juice to your site will be an easy task.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is kind of like guest speaking. Think of guest posting as going to a kid’s classroom and telling them all about your job.

When you guest post, you are writing on for someone else’s site, but you have the opportunity to add a link, or two, that directs people back to your site. This is what I was talking about when I said to use the ‘help me help you’ method when building link juice.

The person whose site is hosting your guest post gets some quality content written by someone that they obviously respect as a valid source in the industry. You get a great place to drop a link or two, and potentially increase your web traffic from someone else’s site.

It’s a win-win situation.

Social Media Marketing

This is the same kind of idea as a guest post scenario.

Using various social media platforms, you can optimize external links to your site by getting ‘trendy’.

Let’s use our boating example and the social powerhouse of Twitter. Maybe you wrote a wildly informative article on your site about how to correctly throw an anchor. You wanted this riveting article to trend on Twitter, so you hashtagged it with #AnchorsAway.

Now, if #AnchorsAway begins to trend on Twitter, you automatically have a ton of new eyes on your site and your article thanks to the power of social media.

Social media marketing has quite possibly become one of the strongest forms of advertising and can do wonders for supporting our SEO strategies. It’s also a pretty awesome way to building link juice that can fuel web traffic to your site.

Network On Other Sites

The fuel that makes blogs become huge advertising and web traffic building superstars is the comments section. When people read and respond to your articles, they are actively taking an interest in your content. This is great!

By staying up-to-date with other sites that offer similar services, products, or ideas is an awesome way to know your competition. Also, it’s a great place to add your comments and plug your site.

Let’s get back to our faux boating site I’ve been referencing. After releasing your #AnchorsAway content, you decide to check out other boating sites and their anchoring knowledge. You find a handful of sites that have some good material and decide to comment on their articles.

While commenting, you can link to your site or article. Of course, make sure to keep your comments professional, supportive, and positive. You want to create a boating ally; not an enemy. Building link juice relies on quality web networking.

Respect My Authority

To ensure that you are building link juice that is strong and validated, you want to achieve a higher domain authority. That means you want to make sure you’re posting quality content and creating quality links.

Using the ‘help me help you’ method of creating strong links, both internally and externally, can drive your web traffic straight into rush hour. Getting your site to become viewed as an ‘expert’ in your industry is not an impossible feat.

Create great content, optimize your guest posting opportunities, max out your social media marketing, and schedule some online networking thought comments on similar sites. Pair those tips with utilizing your internal links and external links to help start your journey into building link juice.

Just adding these quick, basic strategies to your marketing plan can quickly increase your web visibility.

Feeling overwhelmed with all things link juice related?

Don’t stress — you can always find someone with the knowledge and expertise to help you maximize the link juice on your site and increase your website traffic in no time!